Stylized action/thriller set in a traveling circus about a knife thrower who uses his deadly skills to avenge his sister’s murder — with help from his crew of uniquely-talented carnival performers. 

Peck is producing with Anonymous Content (SPOTLIGHT, REVENANT), and Robert Stromberg (MALEFICENT) is directing.  Based on an original script Peck developed with a first-time screenwriter that was subsequently signed by CAA, and named to the prestigious annual “BlackList” of Hollywood’s best screenplays.  


An inner-city teenager gets in trouble at school and is forced to serve detention in the ballroom dance club. To his surprise he discovers that he loves to dance, but he must overcome a family tragedy and the ridicule of his friends before he can bring the rhythms of the street into the ballroom and express his own unique style. (It's like a Latino BILLY ELLIOT, set in high school.)


Two overzealous female FBI agents go undercover — as men! — in order to bring down a male-dominated domestic militia group, and in the process discover more about their true selves than they ever imagined.  

Peck is producing the gender-bending comedy with Palmstar (COLLATERAL BEAUTY) under their National Lampoon (VACATION) label, based on an original script he developed with first-time screenwriters that was subsequently signed for representation by top literary agency, Paradigm.


Crippled by an accident and stranded in the harsh Australian desert, a resourceful American engineer and his physically-disabled cousin must travel 120 miles to safety using only her electric wheelchair.   

This script won the Gold Prize in the top-5 Hollywood screenplay contest, the PAGE Awards (“Action” category) over 6,250 other scripts.  


A journeyman pro wrestler accustomed to playing the role of set-up man must overcome his fear of the spotlight when he suddenly becomes champion after accidentally pinning the reigning champ during what was supposed to be a routine title defense.


Set in today's New York City, Chinese restaurant-owner Lau Dai Yang's eldest son is murdered while delivering a take-out order. Heartbroken, desperate and frantic, Lau searches for justice from an indifferent system that he's only partially legally a part of. Lau takes matters into his own hands, determined to seek justice or revenge, whichever comes first.  Inspired by true events.

The screenplay was selected for the prestigious, Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab.


Based on a true story, a group of WWII veterans decide to sail their former ship, an LST (Landing Ship Tank), home to America in order to turn it into a memorial. They get permission from the US Congress; however, when they arrive in Greece where the ship has been kept all these years, they find the LST in disrepair. The old men have to work through their personal differences in order to fix the ship, and bring it home.


An African American teenage boy moves to a dangerous Philadelphia neighborhood where he finds safe haven and friendship in a unique urban horse riding community — whose survival is threatened by gang violence and callous real estate developers.  The stables’ caretaker mentors the boy, and trains him for a high stakes race that offers a last shot to save their land and their way of life.  Inspired by true events.


Inspired by Aristophanes' Greek comedy 'Lysistrata', this musical update centers on a squad of high school cheerleaders rooting for their boyfriends on the basketball team.